IngeProctoring Solution

A solution where you get access to validated and monitored candidates for the skills they possess.

Candidate login with proctoring link

Once the candidate confirms the test , candidate will recieve a mail on their registered email Id with the test link and other test credentials. On the scheduled time the candidate clicks on the link and is redirected to the proctoring page where the candidate is verified after which the test starts.

Quick Verifiction of candidate

The candidate reaches the proctoring page and fills his personal information so that there is double verification that the candidate who has applied for the test is taking the actual test.

Proctor instructs the candidate

The proctor gives basic instruction to the candidate about the test and the validity of the test. The candidate can also communicate with the proctor in case of any doubts related to the test or the system.

Proctor approves to take the test

Once the proctor gives the basic instructions to the candidate and has verified the authenticity of the candidate, proctor approves the candidate to take the test.

Candidate starts the test

When the proctor approves the candidate for taking the test , a "START TEST" button will appear on the candidate's screen. Clicking on the button will redirect the candidate to the test page.

Test recording will be saved

While taking the test the candidate will be continously monitored by a proctor and the recording will be saved for future reference.

Authentication of recording

The recording is reviewed by the HR/Administration team to check if the candidate has taken the test in a fair manner. If the verification team finds any shortcomings in the recording, the team has the authority to take appropriate action.