Ingenium Solutions provides organizations a comprehensive Web-based skill testing solution to effectively recruit qualified and competent individuals for critical job functions. Ingenium Solutions, partner of eSkill Corp., USA with an experience of more than 15 years offers a global platform enabling the organisations to assess the relevant knowledge and skills in an objective manner making the process more efficient and reducing the dependence on personal interviews and impressions. India is a country wherein talent goes unnoticed and employers get hired based on their educational qualification. Through Ingenium Solutions, we are trying to provide employability to those talents who despite of having qualification in a particular field can apply and show their worth where their interest lies. Since 2003, eSkill Corporation has helped thousands of companies worldwide identify the candidates who best match their job skill requirements by providing technology that enables skill information to be accessed and compiled in the most efficient manner. 


Ingenium provides corporates and institutions with a web-based skills testing service in one go and provide them with the finest of the lot. Rather than relying merely on interviews and personal impressions of an applicant’s resume, companies can more effectively place qualified and talented individuals into specified jobs using relevant assessments of the required knowledge and skills. We cover about 500 subjects which caters various verticals such as engineering fields, medical, pharmacy, e-commerce, HR, marketing and also provide the corporates the flexibility to opt for Subject based tests or a Job based test. An Ingenium test consists of Multiple Choice, True/False, Fill-in-the-Blank, Free Response, and/or Typing questions that assess candidates' knowledge of the skills they will need for the job. Through validation, we show that higher scores on our practical questions correspond with more experience in the different subject areas. As an Ingenium client, you have unlimited access to these subjects. You can select questions from these subjects or create your own questions that address the skills you need in your job candidates. You can create your own questions using your content expertise and the Ingenium Editor, then have them uploaded into your Ingenium customer account. Ingenium is continuously working to improve its knowledge base in order to provide you with the most up-to-date and comprehensive content possible.

Team of Ingenium

"Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results."

Vipul Ray


Founder of Ingenium Solutions

Through Ingenium Solutions, we are trying to provide employability to those talents who despite of having qualification in a particular field can apply and show their worth where their interest lies. More than half of the country dwells out of the accessibility region of the recruiters. Reaching out to such candidates is our primary goal. Ingenium Solutions will fill the gap between candidates with skills and the jobs requiring the skills.

Maulik Mehta


Co- founder of Ingenium Solutions

A bad hire can cost a company one year of CTC. Beyond this, there is the loss in terms of time, money invested in training a candidate, and the lost opportunity to get the right candidate. There is national loss as well, where a company's reputation is affected. The online assessment tests can minimise these risks. Recruiting the candidate with the right skills can lead to the growth of both the candidate and the organization.

Kalpa Rachh


Co- founder of Ingenium Solutions

Ingenium offers not just a valuable Recruitment tool, but also an easy to implement, effective, efficient and customisable tool that helps across various other HRM functions, such as Training Needs Analysis, Performance Management and Career Planning. Given the pressing need for Strategic Human Resource Management, Ingenium helps organisations to optimize resources that contribute towards the achievement of organizational goals.

Pranav Rachh


Co- founder of Ingenium Solutions

Recruiting the people with right skills and identifying skill gaps in current employees, are the two major issues facing Indian corporate sector today. This has led to a substantial gap between organization potential and its productivity. Ingenium offers a unique solution to these problems by enabling technology to evaluate and benchmark skills. By offering solutions which are at the cross-hair of job skill and aptitude, Ingenium provides an ideal platform for identifying skills and training employees.

Bincy Podiyan


Customer Service at Ingenium Solutions

The problem with our Education system is that it tests your memory and not your intelligence. Skills have to be identified, nurtured and then placed for the position where they fit. People have a tough time with campus placements and if you're not from a reputed college, you probably won't even get access to some companies because they don't come to colleges for placements. Ingenium Solutions will try to get skilled people based in any nook and corner of the country and provide them with jobs appropriate to their skill.

Ronak Makwana


Software Developer at Ingenium Solutions

In today's recruitment system RESUME validates the candidate's fitment for the job role, better candidate don't get a chance to showcase their skills only because he/she is not good in resume drafting. Pre-employment test gives a fair shot to everyone to prove themselves beyond their resume.