Custom Tests Deliver the Perfect Candidate

Sometimes the skills needed for a position don’t fit into a standard subject-based or job-based assessment. That’s where custom testing comes in. With Ingenium, it’s easy to create custom tests from over 450 subjects with selectable subtopics. If your position is unique, you can easily create a custom test that fits it perfectly.

Multi-Subject Custom Tests

It’s easy to generate a multi-subject test that includes up to four different subjects. Simply select the subjects you wish to cover and the skill level you need (from Beginner to Expert). Then, select a test length and your custom test will be generated automatically. You can assess and rank your entire pool of candidates with a single test. Then you can decide which candidates you want to interview, based on actual and reliable results.

Pick and Choose Your Questions

You can customize your test even more by hand-selecting individual questions. Choose any subject you wish to include in your test, then view the questions one by one to hand pick the best choices for your position. You can test for the perfect mix of soft and hard skills, written and oral communication skills, or all of the above.

You can even develop unique assessments for your industry or company with our easy-to-use Web-based eSkill Editor. Create or convert proprietary company content to create a test that will fit your job like a glove. The Editor allows you to create an unlimited number of questions of various types, from True/False to Multiple Choice. You can also add extra content like images or audio files in order to create the perfect assessment.

Advantages of Using Custom Tests

  • Infinite test creation possibilities are available.
  • Use the tests you create as templates for future tests.
  • Develop unique assessments for your industry or company.
  • All-in-one tests are great for prescreening large numbers of candidates.
  • Target specific areas of expertise with dead-on assessments.
  • It’s easy to administer the tests by email.
  • You can even embed a public URL in your job ad.

Customized Results

When you create a custom test, you’ll know that the unique skills needed for your position will be covered, and only those test takers who meet all of your criteria will rise to the top.

Results reports allow you to scan through the smallest details of test takers’ answers, to make sure you don’t miss anything. You can also compare the results from several tests to help you make the right decision.