Ingenium White Papers

Integrating ATS with Skills Testing:

How Skills Testing Enhances Recruiting with an Applicant Tracking System

Online skills testing can be integrated with your ATS to maximize the benefits of both and provide streamlined human capital management. eSkill has partnered with Acuity Cloud Solutions to integrate its online skills testing services with Oracle Taleo Recruit. A seamless integration of skills testing and ATS produces exponential benefits.

A Tale of Two Applicants: Making the Right Choice

How can you tell which candidate is the best choice? It’s hard to see past the resume to the real person. That’s why eSkill and Chequed have joined forces to provide comprehensive applicant assessments that combine hard skills testing and soft skills assessments to predict on-the-job success, so you can be sure to hire the best candidate every time.

Measuring Quality of Hire:

You Can’t Improve What You Can’t Measure Quality of Hire metrics can help you make better hiring decisions and improve the performance of your staff overall. Developing metrics that accurately track applicant skills and employee productivity will help you implement standards and processes that best meet your company’s unique needs. It’s the first step to building the best possible staff for your company.