Our standard tests cover a wide range of skill areas and are the perfect starting point for new users to Ingenium's online assessment service. Subject-based Tests cover hundreds of work skills, including soft skills, abilities, and aptitudes as well as hard skills, from accounting principles to web development, and all the areas in between. Each of our Job-based Tests covers the combination of skills needed for a specific job title.

Subject-based Tests

Standard, time-effective assessments allow for a complete evaluation of a candidate's skill level in a given area of expertise. These are off-the-shelf, single-subject tests with 40 questions each. The tests offer a quick-start solution for those looking to test on the fundamentals of a specific skill or industry. 

Job-based Tests

Multi-subject job-based assessments allow for a complete evaluation of a candidate's skills in all the areas of expertise needed for a specific job profile in the current employment market. These off-the-shelf, 40-question tests are designed to assess a candidate's practical knowledge for a specific job title. From Customer Service Representative to Data Entry Operator or Office Manager, we offer the quick solution to get you started on assessing candidates right away. 

Advantages of Using Standard Tests

All of our standard tests include:
  • Questions that range in difficulty levels from Beginner to Advanced, to allow for an accurate evaluation of each candidate's level of expertise.
  • Automatic shuffling between each test taker, to ensure the objectivity of the results.
You can modify our standard test settings to:
  • Allow candidates to see their results;
  • Set specific time limits per question or per test;
  • Set an expiration date; and
  • Activate or deactivate the test.

Let's Get Started!

Standard tests provide an easy way to start using our assessments right away. If your hiring needs include standard positions or easily-categorized skills, such as using specific software, our standard tests may be all you need. As you become more familiar with how to use our testing service and putting the results to work in your hiring or training programs, you may want to explore the many customization options we offer, including the eSkill Editor which allows you to upload your own proprietary content to our secure testing platform.